HypA_Table Bag:
1. This design uses HypA self-designed and printed cloth x 2 (different patterns on the top and bottom).
2. Originally thought, for the use on the desktop, the diagonal zipper pouches are sold only in Pinkoi exclusive quantities.
3. 11x11cm small size, can be placed flat on the desktop, filled with special personalities containing cards or do not want to be easily seen.
4. The specially made ring resin zipper is durable and beautiful on the general metal zipper.
5. The right and left sides of the zipper are stitched with suede, and the bottom of the bag is selected for suede to increase the degree of slippage on the tabletop.
6. Due to the small size, it can also be used as a coin purse.

Composition instructions:
1. Positive: Homemade hypnotic style printed cloth x 2:polyester 100%
2. Underside: Suede (Slippery effect)
3. Inner: Blue Mercerized Cloth: polyester 100%
4. Zipper: Imported round pull ring resin zipper