Comparing to common standing collar jacket which provide less transformations, MOSES design is based on round-shaped standing collar that capable for round neck or curvy standing effect, easily provide more options for cloth matching. The unique nature of its sleeves makes for MOSES advantage, longer than average 7/8 sleeve length to aid the general visual length, while widening the diameters for oversize airy style. On fabric selection, it is equipped with black/dark blue twill under the premise of high pounds to construct an impressive degree of force. This season we chose custom YKK racket-shaped iron zipper, the chic style definitely deepened its charm. Slash layering pocket design is the key highlight to challenge the usual symmetrical design and by using parallel concept as the layout for an entirely new experience.

Maintenance : Please use washing bag and clean water for wet cleaning
Storing : This model is designed as Lackland (no sleeve lines), please use suit-specialized hanger to prevent shoulder deformation.