The finest Merino wool, was brought into Spain before 18th century by Australia to be nurtured as an extremely extravagant wool kinds. At that time, those who randomly exported Merino sheep out of Spain would be sentenced to death penalty. After 18th century, the powerful adaptability of the Merino sheep conquered the world and is now the most advanced wool variety.

Merino wool is seen more often on warm sweaters and usually mixed with other ingredients. Products with 25%-80% contents of merino wool are regarded as high-priced commodity. This time, HypA choose the most expensive 100% pure merino wool and even thorough the Italian Bassulan process to achieve another level of softness and comfort.

This time we use Merino wool in our new hat in hope to bring pure comfort and styling. It is the first time we eliminate machine process and rather choose a fully hand-made production. At the bottom of the hat we use double-layer weaving to increase the thickness without deliberately folding the hat shape, while the logo label stay unexposed. A product of zero greasy industrial processing, so that the
finished product retains the natural feel of the wool and you gain the most simplicity headwear styling.