The color of the fabric is " Prussian blue" which is somewhere between Navy blue and Indigo. It is the color of Buddha’s hair and the soil of Buddha’s land. Under the saturation of a certain luster, it eliminates the overly bright light and dark old atmosphere, which isn’t just rare but also has highly sense of visual. Its composition comes from Chief Value of Cotton blendings, which has strong washable texture and paper-like stiffness under delicate feel either with or without wrinkles.

Square cut chest + Twin hemming pocket
Other than oversize, this square cut shows remarkable sense of airy, easy to cover front belly uplift and can also be used as a shirt jacket. The casual short front long back style equipped with excellent crafting of twin hemming pocket. The exquisite edge leaves no unnecessary part, brings a vision and function of extraordinary.

Environment friendly buttons
The buttons is made of african palm tree fruits which called Ivory fruit because of its special texture. The natural processing produce a unique texture and smooth feeling.