Hypnotic Ace


SKU: 7-8-505-8-1611-5


Hypnotic Ace


SKU: 7-8-505-8-1611-5


80% Cotton 20% Tetoron
WYTHE long-sleeved top chooses air layer fabric as the main body. The air layer fabric can be interpreted as a sandwich double-sided fabric with strong air permeability and good soft feel. At the same time, anti-shrinking technology is added to control the shrinkage rate below 2% and durability It also meets the highest standards.


The neckline with flat interlaced ribs is used as a layered design. At the same time, the hem slit is used to not only serve as the front short and back long vision. The use of exposed black iron zipper and webbing has reached the deep elements of functional texture. At the same time, HypA's side face logo is hidden On the sleeves, the communication of black and black is dedicated to the perspective of the wearer.

The micro-opening configuration on the two-hand shaft is different from the general two-piece level. The flexibility of the opening setting is that it can make the lining items more embellishment without over-emphasizing the matching.

-Lackland sleeve design
-Original V-shaped flat neckline
-Side open zipper
-Matte iron YKK zipper
-Hand sleeve black embroidery

How to use-
Wearing: Normally, just put it in. Please pay attention to the turning over of the elbow opening. If you wear it too hard, the opening of the elbow part may be damaged.
Maintenance: Please use a laundry bag and wash it with water.
Preservation: Therefore, the style is designed with Lackland sleeves (without shoulder line). Please use a suit-style curved hanger to prevent shoulder deformation.

WYTHE Hole Sleeve Layered Three-dimensional Top (cm)  M        L    
Edition type: fit
Chest width
51       55    
Fits true to size
Dress length
Front 68/back 78
Front 71/rear 80
Sleeve Length
77       81    


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