Hypnotic Ace

Multi-layered denim jacket

SKU: 8-8-872-2112-7


Hypnotic Ace

Multi-layered denim jacket

SKU: 8-8-872-2112-7


95% cotton 5% Spandex

▪ This product has been pre-washed to prevent shrinkage and color fixation
Lightweight-black elastic denim is a thick cotton elastic roving cloth. It is relatively difficult to dye. Therefore, after the product is made, we wash it in advance and entrust a professional master to spit out the fabric. Complete the denim color fixation process to make the texture more with the conceptual effect of "fade into view", highlighting the three-dimensional graininess.

With strong experimental details, like a "wandering gentleman", it also contains unruly and exquisite characteristics, and both the front and back are in unique layers.With the weight of black tannin as the background outline, it will adapt to the 19-25 degrees cold weather in autumn and winter.

The V-shaped folds of the predecessor,Two-piece vision at the back
The front layer guides the silhouette of the vest, the rear layer guides the long trench coat
Very characteristic deconstructed version.

Matting plane buckle
Small back buckle stitching to strengthen fixation

Double-layer back sheet
Gorgeous loose air
No sloppy production contour formation

Double hem fit
Stable wearing structure

Sleeve size button switch
Easily reflex to form a unique style


Made in TAIWAN

Three-dimensional layered denim jacket
(cm)  M         L    
Edition type: loose
Chest width
56       58    
Fits true to size.
Dress length
79       83    
Shoulder width
43       45    
Sleeve Length
62       64    



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