Hypnotic Ace

Eagle Buckle Pouch_ black

SKU: 0-8-167-0-2004-0


Hypnotic Ace

Eagle Buckle Pouch_ black

SKU: 0-8-167-0-2004-0


· Light gray white_100% polyester
Moderate water repellent performance, and because of the PU waterproof double-layer structure, it has a feel close to leather.

· Green_100% cotton
The pure cotton denim tannin fabric uses reactive printing and dyeing technology to achieve a full-color HypA exclusive dark army green.

· Black_100% nylon
High water repellent performance, and a very deep black texture, not only stiff but also has good impact resistance.

Hardness: black> light gray 
> Green

In the "flexible choice between the smallest and medium-sized bags", the versions from v1 to v3 are based on this, enriching unique details, and at the same time, in terms of vision and proportions, the division is balanced. HypA is irresistible The ultimate ideal bag is presented in aesthetics.

*Suede rope to webbing design / Replaceable strap / Plastic steel buckle / The bag contains 1 compartment inner pocket

Small three-dimensional bag design
There is a secret compartment behind the three-dimensional bag in the front
Suitable for most mobile phone sizes.

Invisible magnetic button switch

In order to make the switch light and simple, it is covered with hand-sewn technology

Webbing interval protection
Three lengths of webbing protect the use space
Separate and fix items such as sunglasses, stationery, etc.
And it is equipped with a special-shaped coin pouch.

Nylon zipper strap for reverse packing bag
With the most convenient premise, add special pull ring
(Can be replaced by yourself)

Detachable clasp and eagle beak clasp
Can guide at least 4 ways of wearing according to creativity

Rope side back → short side back → waist bag → work pants pocket

Teleportation front chest pull ring
You can quickly move the small bag to the rear as shown in the figure
Cope with emergency and extreme situations


Made in Taiwan

Single size (cm)

The goods you buy will be packed in the newly designed HypA-PTPW storage box A4+. It is a container designed by our in-house design team for long-term storage. √2 The rectangular model is specially made for storing A4 size documents and various fashion accessories. We choose a simple black and white style so that it can meet your space decoration needs.

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