Slightly loose version, this is an evolutionary shirt that only uses five buttons. From the one-piece butterfly collar, 3 zirconia ceramic white buttons, 2Ivory fruit shirt button,The hem is opened on the side of the arc, each part has original design details, and the more comfortable large collar can easily create a matching atmosphere.

One Piece Collar
No collar seat, one-piece butterfly collar

Folding towel-shaped pocket, HypA special chic design
Restored the outline of placing a hand towel in the form of a pocket flap

Zirconia ceramic buttonsHigh hardness, high strength and high toughness
Its own fine-grained structure has self-lubricating effect
As a shirt button, it will become brighter and lubricated over time

Ivory fruit shirt button,Hard fruit from the African palm tree
Special texture, natural plant buckle
Each piece has a unique texture and feels smooth

Three-dimensional curve of the hem, beautiful staggered points
Enhance the three-dimensional effect with the side car line that goes around the front body

Made in TAIWAN