100% Cotton

Premium Twill Tencel Cotton
The cool and breathable Tencel cotton fabric made of 100% pure cotton is not only excellent in hand, but also not comparable to ordinary cotton fabrics in terms of comfort that fits the skin. We especially used two pre-washing processes, and the performance in shrinkage was satisfactory.

Thickness and wrinkles

The ultra-high weaving density of 80 counts maintains a considerable degree of hardness, and it can also maintain the air three-dimensional feeling in actual wearing. The natural fiber of pure cotton has a more natural curve distribution under the wrinkles. Because this fabric has the dual characteristics of "thin" and "hard" at the same time, it is prone to produce small wrinkles and waves, which will leave slight wrinkles during the production process. It is a normal phenomenon and is actually worn. It will then be transformed into a natural curve feature.