Plain wave

We particularly prefer fabric with slight washed texture on the surface. It felt more sensitive than high density flat woven fabric, and it is rare to find such high-grade item. As you may see, we selected that fabric to produce our late 2018 HypA products.  The detail of its surface has the same view of the waves seen when looking down on plane precisely. Compared to traditional gauze fabric, the stereo wave effect of this plain wave fabric is less obvious so it creates flat visual from far distance.

These natural wrinkles can’t be flatten by any method of ironing because the texture itself is innate. It resembles close to the natural feel of human skin.

HC-S1B  / L-Shirt use high density fabric but at the same time has this plain wave effect with water-resistant, it is truly on of a kind.

HC-S08W / L-Shirt

 / L-Shirt

HP-H72 & HP-H36 / Bottoms

HC-H43. BLK / Hat

HC-H43. Grey / Hat

HC-H43. Khaki / Hat

We used this fabric to design our shirts, pants and hats. We can only feel utmost satisfaction when see the results. This feeling may be hard to transcend just by some pictures, only when you touch it one can truly fathom the satisfaction inside this combination of vision and touch. We can’t wait to further expand the possibility within this wonderful material.