20. May. HAB-S13v3

The HAB-S13 Eagle Buckle Bag has finally arrived in the third version (v3) update. After a lot of feedback and improvements in two consecutive versions, the Eagle Buckle Bag is at its most complete stage to date. A complete remake of details such as magnetic buckles and small change bags.

In the "flexible choice between the smallest and medium-sized packages", from v1 to v3 versions are based on this, enriching the unique details, while dividing the balance between vision and proportion, it's the ultimate ideal package presented in the sense of beauty that HypA can not compromise at all.

HAB-S13v3 update highlights:
1. The front pocket switch is changed from devil felt to "hand-sewn" invisible magnetic buckle.
2. Add a small change-type small bag before the rear bag.
3. The buckle has been comprehensively strengthened, including the olecranon buckle and rope buckle have been replaced to strengthen the quality.

In the appearance of the most surface, we only gave the most basic double-open zipper bag structure, and a small three-dimensional bag in front.
After the v2 version, there is a secret compartment behind the three-dimensional bag in the front, which is suitable for most mobile phone sizes.

Fabric from soft to hard : GREEN  WHITE  BLACK

Grey white 100% polyester
Water-repellent functionality, is also due to the PU material it provides a similarity touch to leather.

Black 100 % nylon
High water-repellent performance with the deepest pure black texture, not only stiff but has good resistance to impact.

Green 100% cotton
Cotton denim fabric with active printing and dyeing technology to bring full color of HypA exclusively dark green color.